The Mist

We woke up yesterday to the sound of foghorns.  Rushing through Maths and English we headed out for an eerie walk along the seafront.  Visibility was very low and the Isle of Wight and Southampton and the New Forest were completely invisible.

Gosport-20140314-01169We did some beach combing (I have a bag full of rope)

Gosport-20140314-01173He managed to drag this for a fair distance before I managed to persuade him to leave it!

Down to the park


Isle of Wight-20140314-01184 Gosport-20140314-01179 Gosport-20140314-01180 IMG-20140314-01182 IMG-20140314-01183 Gosport-20140314-01185

One of the things I love about children is how the simplest things spark curiosity and learning.  We managed to cover coastal defences and homophones while hanging about in the park.

IMG-20140314-01181Then through the village and home via second park.


Being Yertle the Turtle King of all he can see!

Gosport-20140314-01189 Covering friction and rust – the roundabout isn’t turning 🙁Gosport-20140314-01192Spent the rest of the day watching a documentary about the First World War and reading Percy Jackson and playing with bubbles.

Feel a bit like I am looking through the mist at life at the moment – in Percy Jackson the mist obscures mortal’s views so they interpret monsters and events differently, they try to make sense and interpret things to fit with their understanding of the world.

Oh and here are our pottery pieces from last week now they are fired.

Gosport-20140314-01193My mothers day present from Sam – the beach at sunset.  And my present to myself, outside we have the sky with birds, inside the sun. Need a steadier hand!

Gosport-20140314-01195 Gosport-20140314-01194


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