Tweak, Tweak

Following on from all my musing on the social aspect of HE at the weekend.  I have started re-examining our entire approach.  Again it feels like we are oh so nearly there but just a centimetre or so out of sync from where I would really like us to be.

Issues that I think we have:

Some of the resources we have been using are just not floating our boat and motivation for them is waning.  It feels like we have completely stalled in a few areas.

Being ‘semi-structured‘ works well for us when one or other of us is keen, when we’re both waning bad habits such as facebook in the day, tablets/xbox before 3.30 are sneaking in.  And the bad habits are impacting on general mood and behaviour.

I am just not being organised enough to have things to hand so we are wasting time sorting bits out or failing to do them at all.

Things that are working

Maths and English.  Very happy with the resources we’re using here, right balance of calm practice and more fun/rowdiness, and sensible amount being attempted each day.

Weds group – got that spot on.

Doing stuff hands on/discussion/reading/watching, happy with low levels of physical ‘output’ if that makes sense.

Tweaks to make

Set up more of a routine.  Work out what we do that is better on a weekly basis and pencil in days for them, and what is better looked at in ‘blocks’ i.e. projects that can be done and then we can move on.

Look at the resources we are struggling with, should we change what we use or just how we use them?

Be more organised!!!

Make a list of the trips I want us to make and schedule them in so I can build them into our studies and we can move on with stuff.

Work out our plans socially.


Will come back with the nitty gritty when I have figured it out!

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