Under our noses

Often when we look for fieldtrips and days out I find myself forgetting places right on our doorstep.

I tend to think of Fareham as a chore, a bland identikit town which we go to because we need something.  And yes the main street and shopping centre are characterless and dull but around the edges the town has character and we love the museum.

So today after maths, english and writing a long shopping list from one of his experiment books we popped into town.

We spent an hour or so at the museum, exploring the temporary exhibition (dead birds!)

20140313_4 20140313_3Before a trip upstairs to the board game and dolls house

20140313_720140313_8We picked up some lunch, diced with death getting across the Quay Street junction and made our way under the railway arches to lunch down by the creek (must be at least 3 years since I last did it).

20140313_13Not a bad view to lunch by!20140313_16Played in the park.

20140313_20 20140313_18

Walked up via the old part of town to the library and left with 18 books!  We have a batch at home too, had to make use of Jack’s card.


Walking down to the other park we discovered the Premiership trophy was in town for photos so…20140313_22

Park 220140313_25

Lovely day :). Even if I inevitably forgot the two things I had intended to pick up in town!

I must make the effort to make more of local towns/villages.  I have trail leaflets for a few and the treasure hunts come up on groupon sometimes.  In the sunshine anywhere can feel like a nice day out.

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