Wednesday really didn’t go as expected.  That isn’t really a bad thing. Although in reality we did end up being quite close to the plan despite my willingness to abandon it completely, rather thanks to the stubbornness of a 6 year old girl.  But when they are keen roll with it 🙂

Illness and work commitments depleted numbers so I cancelled Spanish.  When friend showed up late I ran out to meet her, while the kids were still in the car to give her the option to head to Paulsgrove instead.  Kids had other ideas…so in they came to play 🙂

While they were eating lunch I picked up some craft stuff for them to do with the view that we’d save the ‘lesson’ for a week until the others were back.  No my original plans sounded more fun apparently!  Well had to go with it.

After the shortage of ideas last week for Hertfordshire there was so much we could do for Buckinghamshire.  In the end knowing I had this in the cupboard we settled on Bletchley Park and a day of codes and ciphers.


We made an Enigma machine and coded their names.

Semaphore could have gone on all afternoon!  This is Sam spelling SAM 🙂

124 125 126

Jack had created a picture code for them.


And we finished with some keyword ciphers.  Sam decoded a nice message inviting him to a party and send one saying …’my bum stinks’… sigh! Such a boy!



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