Easter is a religious holiday to me and not being a religious family it tends to pass by in a whirl of cracking on with jobs about the house and general chilling as a family.

I don’t like all the secular hype that is starting to go with it now.  We do have an egg each, with the shops full of them it would feel awfully mean to say no on principle and somehow buying the boys one has led to Pete and I having one too.

20140422_8And thanks to a couple of pounds at the market I did do them a little hunt.

20140422_4 And we did a fair amount of baking.

20140422_6   20140417_2220140422_12   20140422_1320140422_11   20140422_10

I also made sure to refresh Sam’s memory of the Easter story.   We may not be a religious family but I probably am best described as agnostic.  I believe that it is important for the boys to respect people’s faith and be able to make their own choices and the best way to do that is through knowledge.


And he made an Easter scene and a story wheel for Holy Week.

20140422_52 20140422_54



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