At home day

We don’t seem to be having many of those lately.  Seem to have reached a good level of ‘socialising’ for us.  Making our own plans and inviting others to join us if they wish definitely is the low stress option.  Our routines remain our own and we generally are joined by 1-4 families, numbers which suit us.

But we still need days to ourselves to catch up on jobs and restore inner balance (someone on a forum mentioned the idea of a ‘social hangover’ which I firmly believe in, nice to allow time to just be).

Friday was a catch up on jobs/restore balance day.  The problem with summer is with outdoors beckoning I need to schedule in time to work.  I love my job but it isn’t always easy to find as much time for it as I’d like.  It is doubly hard in summer as we have more things taking us out during the day plus the early morning and evenings when I do most work are often experienced through a cloud of misty, hayfevery eyes that make it difficult to focus.

Anyway back to Friday, Sam finished off his maths/english/mapdrill/latin quickly and efficiently – we’d spread the equivalent of one days ‘normal work’ over Thurs and Fri with going out on the Thurs.   He then spent some time reading his Scratch programming manual while I did some work.  Then having discovered there was nothing in for lunch we walked up to the shops.

At home, doesn’t mean in the house,  sun was out so we sat in the park for lunch and had a play.

IMG-20140516-01310 IMG-20140516-01311

Back home there was Scratch practice (current flavour of the month).



Followed by big Skylanders session (other flavour of the month) while I made flag printables for some tiny pacific island states that aren’t even recorded on Sporcle as countries but are sending teams to the Commonwealth Games!

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