Historical Walk – Gosport Town

Yesterday was the second of our ‘historical walks’.  This one started in thunder and torrential rain and finished in bright sunshine.  The trail map got rather soggy and unusable very quickly, it was long (we skipped a good third and still walked for over hour and a half) and I could definitely feel it after.  On plus side we visited parts of Gosport I had no idea existed.  Plan to visit Gosport Park for a play one day and Ewer Common.

IMG-20140522-01329Playing in the rain in Ferry Gardens before walking along the esplanade and through the sundial to Holy Trinity Church

IMG-20140522-01337Past the ramparts of Number 1 Bastion at speed (was bucketing now), so quick we didn’t even see them, here’s a video of someone elses walk though.  One to go back to on a nice day.

Then along past Cockle Pond – a former mill pond dating back to the Seventeenth Century supposedly, the name comes fishermen dumping cockle shells there.  In the 1890’s – 1920’s the pond was renovated as a model boating lake as part of an unemployment scheme.  Still in use for them today.


Photo is later – after the rain!

We walked along Haslar Creek, past the Submarine Museum and the sadly closed Haslar Naval Hospital.  I got to tell the story I love of the phrase ‘Up the Creek’ supposedly referring to the fact that if sailors travelled up Haslar creek it was often to die at the hospital.

We walked on to Workhouse Lake where we read a bit on the history of the Workhouse.

IMG-20140522-01331 Over the bridge and through Gosport park to the conservation area of Ewer Common.  Then up to Alver Lake and along the footpath the follows the old Stoke’s Bay Railway to up the Foster Gardens.

At which point tiredness and wetness were catching up and we headed back to town along Stoke Rd.  North of the town will have to wait for another day.

Stopping for a play at Walpole Park.




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