Historical Walk – Lee on Solent

This week has so far been about trying to shake off the aftermath from last weeks shenanigans.  Sam is pretty much right as rain, or what can be expected for the time of year with high pollen counts.  I on the other hand am feeling the effects of a week of very little sleep.

Efforts to get back to normal weren’t helped on Monday by an inconveniently timed doctors appointment.  However we went through the motions and did all ‘the essentials’.  Struggled to make it to Guides but had a really nice relaxed session in the end.  Which helped lift my mood.

Tuesday was a definite step in the right direction.  By 10.30 we had finished maths, English, map drill, and Latin, Tesco had been and was put away, washing was done and drying, bins out.  In other words productive morning.

We then headed out to join other home educators to follow a walking trail around Lee on Solent.  We had to shelter from a sudden rainstorm in the library but after that weather was kind and we had a lovely walk, picnic and play in the park.  Before heading home with an ice cream via the library.

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If anyone is interested the walk leaflet is here.

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