Letting out the rage!

Okay I am hot and irritable and feel in the mood to rant. Unfortunately Pete and the boys are being too welbehaved so I will have to rely of my ‘things that make the muscle under my left eye twitch’ list.  Please nobody be offended nothing personal, if I still speak to you/are Facebook friends (queen of the cull) I still like you, this is meant more in jest at myself as aware how uptight some of these make me sound.

1) Hun???  Where did this come from?  This is not the 1910’s and I am not German!  When and why did it become acceptable and start even being standard practice to refer to people like this?  I might use endearments for my kids and occasionally my husband, sometimes other children and very, very occasionally old friends (talking 15 + years here!), accept that I am quite standoffish though – I’d be quite happy in the times of Mr and Mrs actually. Not as bothered by any thing like sweetheart or babes (very guilty of these myself at times) but Hun really scrapes like nails on a blackboard and that is when not even aimed at me.  Honey, I can cope with – if you can’t remember and use my name at least use a real word!

2) Textspeak – just about passable in a text, although if I have enough to say that warrants textspeak I call or email.  Anywhere else I interpret slapdash and that I am not worthy of your time.

3) Not a big pedant on language, married to one though and it is irritating.  But these annoy, ‘Your’ when you mean ‘you’re’ and ‘I done something’ for I have done something or I did something.  Think autocorrect and typing on phones which make punctuation difficult is largely responsible for many instances of the former.  Second is becoming standard use unfortunately to the level that it will soon be acceptable and it will make me irrationally sad whenever I read it.

4) Deliberate misspellings Kidz for example.  Particularly annoying in children’s books – the whole Captain Underpants and that style make me want to cry.  Okay the grammar in Enid Blyton was iffy but it wasn’t deliberately wrong.

5) Babywearing -the word not the practice, big fan of the latter.  Every time I see or hear it I have an overwhelming urge to yell ‘a baby is a living, breathing being with a soul and personality, how can a baby be ‘worn’ unless you kill and skin it? ‘ This actually doesn’t make me ragey at the people who use it as think it is acceptable standard use now and only other oddballs will conjure up the image I do.  It does make me cross though that we live in a society where we have a label for how you get a baby from one place to another!

Not ragey any more, quite melancholy actually.

Never mind off to make the beds that will get the rage surging again 🙂

Feel free to comment telling me ways I inadvertently annoy you.  I might care and make an effort to change, I might not 😉

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