On The Home Front

Amid all the groups and days out we are managing to keep up with the basics of everyday life.

English work continues.  Managed to pick up WWE2 secondhand this week and as I already have 3 and 4 looks like we are continuing with that for some time to come.  The practice in coming up with sentences from prompts seems to be working.  We’re a long way off stories but little steps will get us there.

Maths has been all about area, perimeter and volume which has meant lots of playing with the pattern blocks and a very wet kitchen floor.


20140503_17I love that maths can make him that happy 🙂

Language practice has gone a bit by the wayside this week, one to do better on next week.

Map practice moved to hands on labelling rather than using the online games – plan to switch between the two to ensure knowledge is being retained and can be applied.



We’ve been doing some Viking ‘stuff’ – basic worksheets, reading – both non-fiction and fiction (The Sword Song of Bjarni Sigurdson) and documentary watching.

20140504_10There was a very wet walk.

20140665 20140666 20140667We’ve virtually finished Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian so we will have a bit of a void there.  Will have to see where we go next.  I have versions of the Illiad and the Odyssey ready or we may do the Kane Chronicles.  He read the Heroes of Olympus series to himself.  I really must read those myself one day as Jack did the same so I have never read them and I really enjoy Percy Jackson.

Grandpa Bob was visiting for a few days so of course there was chess playing.

Bargain of the year were packs of 1980’s Beanos from a charity shop 10 for 99p.  So there has been a lot of reading.



A nice bit of chilling among the busyness.

I found time for a long business chat and we have exciting plans on the go there.  Also been sketching in plans for more home ed group activities and planning outings for Guides.  Busy but exciting stuff.


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