People of Nottingham…

This scene was reenacted many times in our house when Jack was younger.  Having got out the bows and arrows for me he gave us a quick reminder yesterday before heading off to school.



Yesterday’s Geography group took us to Nottingham.  So we had to do Robin Hood of course.

We did some outdoor cooking.  Having decided that hunting a deer was too much like hard work we settled for s’mores.



Followed by some archery practice at the target Sam had drawn on my fence (yes it has got the obligatory smiley face in the centre).  Somewhere along the line the boys gained a really good plastic bow, which has quite a good action – takes some practice though.



Then they built Nottingham Castle from wooden bricks and through bouncy balls at it to attack and destroy.  I had intended to be more organised and construct a catapult but for various reasons that never came about.  Looking on the positive kids didn’t care, throwing was fun, and I have a catapult building session in reserve.


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