Today I …

  • found time to read for an hour and finish my book.
  • ‘educated’ my child; covering times tables, pictograms, telling time, handwriting practice, spelling, grammar, writing with adverbs, Latin, map drill, and touched on history of break up some of Eastern Europe, nature of changing boundaries, Vikings including myths, hierarchy in Viking society, making a treasure chest and painting stones.  Oh and computer programming – although pretty much left him to that one.
  • did some planning/organising/general chatting to newcomers for home ed activities
  • shifted 300kg of stones the house to back garden and made a patio.
  • managed to feed everyone, laundry, general tidying and a supermarket shop.
  • fitted in some crafts for work and a bit of ‘one day planning’.
  • took the boy to and from Cubs.
  • had a Guide meeting to plan a challenge badge.
  • and nearly got the blog up to date, including changing the side text to make Jack the right age, just a couple of saved waffley drafts to go  😉
  • Found what I want for Christmas to make it easy for the man of the house (no geese involved).
  • Even managed to watch tv for an hour at a sensible time of day!  Even if halfway through I did switch to kindle so I could watch in bed.  TV watching (of something I want to watch – a documentary on the Georgians) is usually a very rare 5am on a Sunday activity, I never seem to find the time.

Feeling a touch

 ish  🙂

I love being busy when busy equals productive.


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