Twilight at One Hundred Acres

Sometimes it really hits me that the fact that I don’t drive has quite an impact on the boys, Sam in particular.  It does limit them to some extent, although always try (and usually manage) to facilitate something if they really want to do it.  Where I think it shows up most is in days out and what is a ‘normal’ trip for us.  London, for example, is easier and cheaper and, depending on the way transport links work, quicker than some of the localish country parks.  Many friends seem to treat London as a massive trip with military style planning, while we’ll go for a walk and a picnic.  On the negative there are some local places that friends take for granted that we find fairly inaccessible.  I don’t think we necessarily miss out much as we are never short of places we can and do visit and cover fairly wide range of countryside/museums/towns.  We just have to treat the trips others make easily as needing a bit of planning and taking our opportunities when they arise.

Therefore when the Jack’s scouts were map reading up at Hundred Acres Wood on Friday it was too good at opportunity not to all go and have a walk and play since we’ve never been and it is completely inaccessible unless we take the car.

The best thing about going at that time is that we had it to ourselves (well apart from avoiding Scouts) and Sam could run, play and climb to his hearts content.  He can be quite wary of other children in parks, particularly on climbing frames.  He quite surprised and pleased me with how well he could climb, seems to be discovering his confidence.

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