World Asthma Day

Nor­mally we start the first ‘school’ day of the week by look­ing at a spe­cial event or fes­ti­val that occurs that week.  I had intended to look at Children’s Day but Sam had other ideas!

Full of cold and cough it was declared a sick day.

I have to say this is one area where home edu­ca­tion really comes into it’s own.  It is actu­ally very rare for us to have a ‘day off’ because of Sam’s ill health, mine is a far big­ger inhibitor actu­ally as super­vis­ing crafts and sci­ence exper­i­ments is hard going when feel­ing below par.  Not that Sam doesn’t get ill, far from it — I dread what his atten­dance lev­els at school would be and the fuss they would cause, Jack’s at 98% were marked at risk of caus­ing con­cern or other such point­less words. At home how­ever we set such a gen­tle pace that much can be done curled up on the sofa under a blanket.

We spent Tues morn­ing read­ing about and watch­ing doc­u­men­taries on Vikings.  By after­noon though he was deteriorating.

He was diag­nosed with asthma very young (mat­ter of months), wasn’t really caus­ing an issue but sit­ting read­ing one night Pete and I just looked at each other and it was ‘you are not mak­ing that rat­tling are you?’ we are both asth­matic and know the ‘sound’.  How­ever apart from one odd instance when he was 6 months he has never been admit­ted.  With sup­port from the GPs and Asthma Nurse we have done a good job of man­ag­ing it.

How­ever for what­ever rea­son, our man­age­ment failed this week and due to com­bi­na­tion of hayfever and viral infec­tion a mas­sive attack was trig­gered.  He has had bad attacks (pos­si­bly wor­thy of hos­pi­tal­i­sa­tion) before but we’ve man­aged to cope with help from his reliever, gen­er­ally keep­ing him calm and steroids from the GP.  Was very obvi­ous though this time that we were going to need help.

I sus­pect despite read­ing the arti­cles in the press that morn­ing cour­tesy of it being World Asthma Day we’ve all got com­pla­cent.  At one point on Tues­day night I realised that actu­ally I was pos­si­bly the calmest per­son in the room and I could sense the con­cern from the med­ical pro­fes­sion­als that noth­ing they were try­ing was help­ing and we were hav­ing trou­ble keep­ing him con­scious.  Gave me a bit of a fright as for the first time it crossed my mind that peo­ple die of this dis­ease and he might not see morning.

Luck­ily that was as low as it got, neb­u­liser started to work and he started to get bet­ter as quickly as he’d got­ten ill.  12 hours later the wheezes were gone and he was hap­pily play­ing with the bed wait­ing to go home.

Not been the eas­i­est few days, he’s still under the weather with the infec­tion, he’s on 4 hourly meds includ­ing through the night so I sus­pect I am start­ing to look a bit wild and crazy as can’t say I have had a vast amount of sleep this week.  He is also hav­ing to miss his first Cub camp which he has been eagerly antic­i­pat­ing since Jack first went four years ago :(

But look­ing at brighter side.

  • He didn’t become a sta­tis­tic to be quoted in next years figures.
  • His treat­ment has been reviewed and bought up to date for his size/age.  I think there may have been a ten­dency from his asthma nurse and me to not query his treat­ment as had largely worked to date.  We’ve had the wake up call to make sure we’re on top of it.
  • He had great fun with the hos­pi­tal bed.
  • Jack has been mar­vel­lous; incred­i­bly mature, thought­ful etc couldn’t have asked for more from him.
  • Sam has coped with the Cub Camp blow very well, have promised him a ‘spoil­ing Sam’ week­end which he is very chuffed with.
  • We’ve had plenty of time to enjoy chill­ing together, mainly chess and hang­man.  I even man­aged a cou­ple of vic­to­ries in chess train­ing games.  No chance in the real thing :(
  • I’ve man­aged to catch up on loads of read­ing.  At the expense of sleep but hey ho needs sleep? Sleep is for wimps! :)
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