A Better Day

Yesterday was a lot smoother affair.  The ‘essentials’ were all done by 11.

Even baking of brownies for Maths (weighing, measuring and following instructions).  After dry brownies last time we ignored their recipe and went for our own.  Microwave brownies, but we reduced the flour to 65g and added 100g choc chips.  Only thing I ever use the microwave for is reheating cold coffee, warming milk and jacket spuds but am now a convert.  May never make oven brownies again.

We then headed in to Stubbington for a picnic at the park with friends and to meet a new local home educator.  Followed by a quick library visit.


Then home via bank, beach and ice cream.

Jack had not gone to drama so boys played Minecraft while I was working on plans for next academic year.

Then being a summer’s evening older child took younger child to Cubs and I made jam.


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