D-Day Commemorations

Yesterday was spent at Southsea Common to see the D-day commemorations.

It started with a lovely ferry ride watching the boats heading over for the reenactments.

20140605_1 Then we had the Drumhead Ceremony.

20140605_7 20140605_8 20140605_13

On to the reenactments.

20140605_19 20140605_23 20140605_29 20140605_32

And a 15 gun salute.20140605_36

20140605_41Ending with the Red Arrows.

20140605_44 20140605_58 20140605_64 20140605_68 20140605_70 20140605_71 20140605_72 20140605_74

And the simulator was a big hit!



Really fantastic day.


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