D-Day Memorial

I am not sure whether the rest of the country is feeling the same fervour but the D-Day celebrations are dominating local life at the moment.  Not surprisingly following the areas role.

We have been watching the morning documentaries on the subject all week and have spent a lot of today running outside to look as we kept hearing engines hoping to see the planes heading for France, we saw some but not the proper formation.

The village’s commemorations happened yesterday.  A 1940’s fair, with dancing, stalls and Punch and Judy, a memorial service and a flyby.

Lee on Solent was a major embarkation point, this map (we’re by 20/21) shows what an amazing site the Solent must have been.  The US Navy had their base in Lee Tower (no sadly demolished) and the airfield, HMS Daedalus was the busiest on the South Coast, supposedly on D-Day itself 435 sorties flew, a record for an airfield in a day.


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