Fed upness

Just that really!  Moan alert!

I do not like being hot. It makes me grumpy.

My eczema has flared up massively, worst for years, making me tetchy.  Even on my face which I have never had.  Puts me off going out.

Asthma is also not good.  Largely outgrown it but wheezy at the moment.

Hayfever is a nightmare. Glad I don’t drive as feel like I am seeing the world through a haze of watery eyes.

All the above are causing serious sleep deprevation.

Knee is playing up (teenage injury).  Mostly a dull ache, with stairs and walks causing issues, with the occasional loud click followed by excruciating, will I ever move again, pain when the kneecap slips out of place.

Not on form and feeling a bit of a failure at everything.

Low energy levels and hands covered in eczema are seriously hampering housework.  Always grumpier when the house is messy and not clean.

Meal times are out the window as kitchen is a sun trap so hate being in there and not in mood to eat a lot, so diet is picky and too many takeaways.  Feel not doing my mum/wife role properly as everyone even the kids are pretty much fending for themselves.

Motivation to get out and speak to others waning. But at the same time know I am not good company for the boy at the moment so we need the break that is being with others.

As for school work, he is doing fine and really well at keeping going, getting books out and cracking on.  It is me who is causing problems by lacking motivation to sit down with him and getting distracted.  Project work, it is definitely his motivation that is keeping us going – doing volcanoes so he’s happy.  In reality we are probably doing just as much as ever, I am just feeling jaded and like I am not capitalising on his motivation as much as I should.

As for work ‘work’ that appears to have ground to a halt as brain is woolly.

Well if there is anything I have learned over the last 9 years is that this trough will pass, like all the others before.

Many teachers are also operating below par as we limp (literally in my case) towards the end of a very long term.  The guilt is only so strong as it is not my job it is my child.

I’ll ride it out.  Try and avoid the bad habits so we can paddle through the trough and plan my way up the paths at the other side.   Could probably do with trip to the doctor though 🙁


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