Another day of being adaptable and winging it.  Geography group was a very interrupted affair, lots of dashing outside at the sound of engines to catch (or try to) sight of planes – stupid council picked bad timing to mow the verges, grr.

After a late start (so late we managed lunch first) we moved on to Lincolnshire.  It was from a Lincolnshire apple tree that the falling apple supposedly fell to inspire Newton’s theory of gravity.  So after discussion of gravity (which they all knew anyway), tieing in to local events too we made parachutes for Lego men.

A piece of plastic postal bag with slits cut in the corners and  wool tied through, with the four ends tied around a Lego figure.  They did need a bit of fixing with tape as they took a battering.

20140604_1720140604_14I had intended to make collage fish and chips for Grimsby too but parachutes (and drawing on my fence) were too much fun.

20140604_15Until there was a sudden strong gust and two sailed up and away (or into one of my neighbours gardens!) just in time for them to go in for Spanish!

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