Making a virtue from a necessity

Hav­ing one of ‘those’ con­ver­sa­tions with the nurse as she took my blood yes­ter­day I was asked “I bet you have to be disciplined?”

Dis­ci­plined’ really doesn’t feel like the right word.  How­ever, I think as a home edu­cat­ing adult you do need ‘some­thing’ no mat­ter how free range or cur­ricu­lum based you are.  I think I’d define it more as an energy. a drive to grab and/or con­jure up oppor­tu­ni­ties, to learn from and to expe­ri­ence.  I think it is true across the spec­trum of home edu­ca­tion from the ‘school at home’ types research­ing the right cur­ricu­lum to com­pletely child led tasked with tak­ing their children’s requests and ‘mak­ing it happen’.

Where dis­ci­pline comes in I sup­pose is it is easy to drift and let other aspects of life take pri­or­ity.  I do believe it is valu­able for chil­dren to develop self-sufficiency and they can learn an awful lot when left alone and there are times I have had to pri­ori­tise other aspects of life.  How­ever, I do think whether you are the planner/leader or the follower/facilitator adult engage­ment in the learn­ing jour­ney is key.  There­fore I find I need to com­part­men­talise my life.  Time for house­work, time for work, time for being a ‘home edu­ca­tor’.  Not that I never do some­thing else when I should be pri­ori­tis­ing another but nip­ping out to hang out the wash­ing while he is engaged in an art project is one thing, clean­ing the kitchen when I am required to help con­struct a Viking ship is another.

How­ever, as much as I try there are times where bound­aries blur as we do have to fit into other people’s sched­ules at times.  Mon­day was one such day as I had a blood test and a list of shop­ping for Guides.  But over the years I’ve learned that I can’t just write off days like this, this is one of those occa­sions where we have to search for an oppor­tu­nity to make some­thing from the day. So rather than treat it as a chore we jumped on the bus from the surgery, took less than 1/2 hr to get shop­ping and then went to Gosport Gallery to see their new Ebb and Flow exhi­bi­tion on D-day.  Back in time for lunch, a discussion/planning ses­sion for things we need to tweak/what we want to do and fit­ting in the ‘essentials’.

Time­line in town centre.


His own D-day inspired art work.



Show­ing posi­tion of ves­sels along the local coast, can only imag­ine what an amaz­ing sight it must have been.


Look­ing at a map show­ing local spots tied in to D-day.
20140602_3Going back to the idea of cre­at­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties, some­times they require lit­tle to no effort.  We are incred­i­bly lucky for the wealth of his­tory and cul­ture in our local area.  Whole thing makes me feel very thank­ful, for where we live I’m not ‘a local’ but have grown to love this vil­lage and area, for the flex­i­bil­ity we have to get out and involved in the events such as this weeks com­mem­o­ra­tions and of course for those involved in the event we’re commemorating.


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  1. I have never put much thought to it but I com­pletely agree with you when you say that it is energy which home-educators require. Of course it would be easy to roll back over in bed and say ‘later’ in regards to start­ing an exper­i­ment or help­ing research a topic but I find the energy to get up and get motivated.

    We had a bro­ken sort of day today because of an unan­nounced visit from grand­par­ents. We could have writ­ten off the day but we just adapted and the chil­dren made elec­tronic cir­cuits whilst the grown ups were chat­ting. You are totally right about not writ­ing off days but rather find­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties within them for learning.

    Thanks so much for link­ing up to this weeks # homeedlinkup

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