Making a virtue from a necessity

Having one of ‘those’ conversations with the nurse as she took my blood yesterday I was asked “I bet you have to be disciplined?”

‘Disciplined’ really doesn’t feel like the right word.  However, I think as a home educating adult you do need ‘something’ no matter how free range or curriculum based you are.  I think I’d define it more as an energy. a drive to grab and/or conjure up opportunities, to learn from and to experience.  I think it is true across the spectrum of home education from the ‘school at home’ types researching the right curriculum to completely child led tasked with taking their children’s requests and ‘making it happen’.

Where discipline comes in I suppose is it is easy to drift and let other aspects of life take priority.  I do believe it is valuable for children to develop self-sufficiency and they can learn an awful lot when left alone and there are times I have had to prioritise other aspects of life.  However, I do think whether you are the planner/leader or the follower/facilitator adult engagement in the learning journey is key.  Therefore I find I need to compartmentalise my life.  Time for housework, time for work, time for being a ‘home educator’.  Not that I never do something else when I should be prioritising another but nipping out to hang out the washing while he is engaged in an art project is one thing, cleaning the kitchen when I am required to help construct a Viking ship is another.

However, as much as I try there are times where boundaries blur as we do have to fit into other people’s schedules at times.  Monday was one such day as I had a blood test and a list of shopping for Guides.  But over the years I’ve learned that I can’t just write off days like this, this is one of those occasions where we have to search for an opportunity to make something from the day. So rather than treat it as a chore we jumped on the bus from the surgery, took less than 1/2 hr to get shopping and then went to Gosport Gallery to see their new Ebb and Flow exhibition on D-day.  Back in time for lunch, a discussion/planning session for things we need to tweak/what we want to do and fitting in the ‘essentials’.

Timeline in town centre.


His own D-day inspired art work.



Showing position of vessels along the local coast, can only imagine what an amazing sight it must have been.


Looking at a map showing local spots tied in to D-day.
20140602_3Going back to the idea of creating opportunities, sometimes they require little to no effort.  We are incredibly lucky for the wealth of history and culture in our local area.  Whole thing makes me feel very thankful, for where we live I’m not ‘a local’ but have grown to love this village and area, for the flexibility we have to get out and involved in the events such as this weeks commemorations and of course for those involved in the event we’re commemorating.


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  1. I have never put much thought to it but I completely agree with you when you say that it is energy which home-educators require. Of course it would be easy to roll back over in bed and say ‘later’ in regards to starting an experiment or helping research a topic but I find the energy to get up and get motivated.

    We had a broken sort of day today because of an unannounced visit from grandparents. We could have written off the day but we just adapted and the children made electronic circuits whilst the grown ups were chatting. You are totally right about not writing off days but rather finding opportunities within them for learning.

    Thanks so much for linking up to this weeks # homeedlinkup

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