Making the most of a bad job!

Friday wasn’t a fun day!

When Sam was in hospital a month or so ago the x-ray showed a shadow on his lung.  At the time it was agreed that it was almost certainly the position he was in (portable x-ray being done while he was still on Nebs and really struggling and tiring) but better safe than sorry and to have one done again in 4 weeks when sure infection was gone.  Been over 4 weeks and realising there was never going to be a good day it was a lets get it over with.

Unfortunately lets get it over with involves a 30 minute bus ride, 10 minute train and then a long (up hill) walk.  So good hour and a halves journey by the time you factor in waiting for public transport/getting lost and basically writing off the day.  It was also HOT.  I don’t like summer.  Obviously I am sorry for those who had floods/damage but personally I really enjoyed the winter storms – Sam is also a wellies and mac person.  Train journey was spent trying to cajole him into reading a book because I’ve signed him up to go to a talk from the author.  I will never learn – do not sign up for HE trips, only very rarely do they seem to work for us unless it is something I have booked with him in mind.  Actually I’m on his side on the book I only lasted a chapter – sigh.

We have been toying with going up to the WW1 Remembrance Centre on Portsdown Hill so in an attempt to salvage the day I had made tentative arrangements to call a friend from the hospital to see if it was an option.  In the end we were only in the hospital 12 mins, they were fantastic.  But no one was in a fort/museum mood so we settled for friends coming to meet us for lunch and a potter around the charity shops.

Managed to pick up a much needed new swim suit and a nice new top.  Plus a fabulous nature studies book.



A very old book, I LOVE old books.

20140615_12This is the young man the author was rambling with.



And these were part of a 5 books for 99p offer (have to be a Guider to get the excitement of the find I suspect 🙂 )

20140615_15I had a reasonably pleasant time anyway.



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