Wading through Oobleck

Probably best sums up yesterday 😉

We got through ‘the essentials’ in the morning but only just (usually finished around 10.30).  There was a lot of procrastinating from both of us.  Work wasn’t difficult, no upsets, just on a go slow and felt like wading through oobleck.

Afternoon was a real wading through oobleck experience – trail from the conservatory to the kitchen.

We started watching by watching the volcano episode of Earth, Power of the Planets 

Then we moved on to playing with thick card (tectonic plates) on oobleck (magma) and seeing how as the card was pulled apart the oobleck moved up in between, and how when the card was wet and you pushed them together the card folded and made ‘mountains’.

And then there was mess making 🙂



We followed up by making a jigsaw of the tectonic plates


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