West Yorkshire – Liquorice Art

I am a big fan of using as many different media as possible in art work.  The more unusual the better.

Today’s geography group was West Yorkshire and focused on Pontefract – Liquorice Town according to our book.  Turns out I am the only one to like Pontefract cakes.  However, they had more fun playing with making liquorice pictures than they’d had with the eating.

Face by Sam20140618_1

Face by Ewan20140618_2 Man by me20140618_4 Man on a bike by me20140618_7 Monk in a Viking attack (yes that is blood on the side of his head) – by Sam obviously20140618_8

House by me – yes I do forget this is for the kids at times.

20140618_10Another face by Sam
20140618_11Man on a tractor with sun and rain shower by Amelia

20140618_16Franz Ferdinand being shot by the ‘Black Hand’ by Sam – who obviously knows more about WW1 than I think.


Hitler sun – Sam and Amelia20140618_19

Then to mark Halifax as well and despite being the only adult in the house, we made a very simple toffee, with limited success.  Edible but very sticky – was only sugar and water we were dubious at best.  Special award goes to my friend who did not panic when she returned to find me dangling her 3 yo over the hob so he could have a go at stirring boiling sugar!


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