Winchester Cathedral

Monday morning I opened up the folders to find we had completed all the work in them!  Normally I try and make sure all the prep of worksheets (we only use them for Maths and English) happens during the holidays as easier to do it on bulk and days run so much nicer when it is all there ready.

Anyway decided as this is such a long half term it wouldn’t do any harm to leave Maths and English for a week and we’ve spent the week finishing off our Viking project.  Lots of crafting and reading.

To round it off we visited Winchester Cathedral to see the mortuary chests containing the bones of Canute and his Queen Emma (although no one is sure who is in which chest after the Roundheads emptied them out and they were salvaged by local people).  Of course in the way of these things they were away being restored.  Cathedral though has a really good kids trail, perfect level of information and takes just right length of time and it was a beautiful day where we needed to get out of the house.  We made the most of the journey from an educational aspect anyway.  Spent the journey there reading about Vikings in Britain, the Danelaw, Danegeld and Canute.  The journey back was spent with him recapping what he knew (lots about how they lived, time frame to be worked on).  Public transport has some advantages – not many but some.

20140612_5 20140612_8 20140612_11

Memorial stone to Canute and Emma.


Smiling in a cathedral is ‘wrong’ apparently 🙂  Little doorway leads to tunnels under Saint Swithen’s tomb.


The beautiful West Window.

We then went for a lovely lunch (blackcurrant and vanilla cake – yum!)




I had intended to go to the City Museum but felt we’d done enough and needed an afternoon in the sun.  So we walked through town to find Alfred the Great and spent the afternoon in Abbey Gardens.

20140612_17Last time we were there he was still at the driving trains age – now he was at the train robber/Bond villain age climbing along the sides :).  Forget what a nice park it is.

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And some photos of the stream as it is just pretty.

20140612_2320140612_2420140612_26And one final photo.  Where as life can be amazingly beautiful when it is in abundance as the photos above show.  In isolation it is just amazing!  Platform of Fareham Station – how determined and hardy is this little thing 🙂



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  1. What a fabulous day you all enjoyed. We had lots of trips of this sort planned until my hubby destroyed his arm!

    I think the photo in the church is great – stony faced and somber:)

    The #homeedlinkup is open again if you want to link up. There is a nice history book up for grabs this week as well.

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