End of Term

It is a week of ‘lasts’.

Last home ed group meet we will join in with for the summer (there will be meets and we’ll see friends but we need the break).  Was a coffee morning at the local scout hut.  We enjoyed it; nice people, kids enjoyed the activities, venue suited well but a lot of people who said they were coming didn’t show and I ended up out of pocket so will be the last one unfortunately.

On the positive got to see some wonderful creative beach sculptures from the children and test mine (a very sweet 4yo was giving my big eyes as she wanted a swan – I did refuse the follow up request for a cow!).

20140721_16Time to get home, tidy away everything from the morning and sort out stuff for Guides.   Been a bit of a roller coaster year but glad I made the switch.  Waved my oldest two off and welcomed four more.  We were doing the organ workshop that I’d done with the home ed group the week before.  Nice end to term for me as all I had to do was turn up with forms and badges.

Being in Gosport though led to me having 1/2 hr to kill at the time all shops bar the supermarket was closed.  Ended up in the library, leaving with 25 Geography/Weather/Ethics books.  Really good haul, but not helping with the clear out.

20140721_30Tuesday was a drag the boys out of bed very early for a 7.30 bus to the opticians (seemed a good idea when I booked it to just do it before the waiting room reached boiling temperature – less so on the morning).  We got out in less than 2 hours with 4 pairs of glasses on order between us.  Sam still perfect vision, Jack’s stable, mine improving – so good results.

We had Thorton’s ice cream as a treat afterwards.  Before picking up some shopping and home for lunch.

20140723_2Jack headed out, Sam played Skylanders, I caught up with admin.  Then we walked over to a friend’s to deliver some books and toys, have a cup of tea and run around yelling a lot and brandishing weapons.  Home and more friends dropped in to collect books.

Busy day ended with Sam’s final Cubs of the summer.  Laser tag and fire lighting, happy boy.






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