Lazy Days

We have well and truly taken our foot off the pedal now and wound down for the Summer.

My Dad has been staying with us so we’ve generally been hanging round at home, few meals out and generally enjoying a bit of family time.

20140703_27We’re in the manic point of year from school/scout/guide event perspective.  Always one of us having to be somewhere.  Sam had a Cub fun day on Saturday and I spent Sunday in the New Forest failing doing low ropes and pioneering (if lost in the woods with some nice poles and ropes they can now build a catapult to fire tennis balls – kind of ;).

On a Guide related note, we dipped our toe in to geocaching.  Think that is something we will look at doing more of!  The ones we were searching for were on the beach so some toes going in literally.


We managed a trip to the ‘new’ Mary Rose museum at last.  Nowhere near as impressed as I wanted to be.  Too many gimicky computer bits around and I think after quite a few viewings the ship has lost impact.  Also very hot!  Now it is free flow rather than time slots one to go back to in short bursts I think, a gallery at a time.

20140703_17Dogs skeleton, somehow more meaningful than the human ones…


Gimicky computer games.  20140703_21

Something we remember from the old museum – being an archer.20140703_25

Last week formal work was pretty much down to English (on the last chapter of the book seemed a pity not to finish it off).  We had last Spanish session for the summer.  Everything else (Maths mainly) has been game based.

Big new hits are these two

20140709_4 20140709_5Second one is something called Dude Dice. I thought it was probably a bit of a waste of money as something we could have done ourselves with the blank dice and moshlings but the newness is definitely a factor.  We’ve spent a surprising amount of time playing it this week.

Gears have come out too.  He made a ‘food masher’ and ‘juiced’ (aka made a mess with) the few blackcurrants that the bush produced.


I’ve also had a good bargain finding  – trip into Fareham found some Art book and prints that I had been toying with full price for on special offer so paid less for 4 than I would have for 1.  Picked up 4 of the Redwall books to try and tempt Sam (a fighting mouse is good bait!) for 99p.  And twister on a map… definitely had 99p worth of fun there already 🙂


And because I like the photo.


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