If ever Sam is put on the spot baking soda volcanoes are the activity of choice so we rounded of the term with some volcano fun.  Also I picked up a book from a charity shop that was begging to be turned into a project, full of information and hands on projects.  We didn’t do as much as I wanted and never even really made it to earthquakes but it ran it’s course and I’m trying hard at the recognising when enough is enough thing.

Where we went

Short of an actual volcano to visit we settled for a trip to the Earth galleries of the Natural History Museum.

Touching the Eath's inner core and saying ouch - a lot!
Touching the Eath’s inner core and saying ouch – a lot!


What we did

We made a lap book!  Have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them.  Hate the cutting out and the lack of engagement needed to complete many of them but fancied producing a finished product – nice to have something keepable sometimes.

I was going to get around some of the negatives by producing my own bits to stick in but ran out of steam. So it is a cobbled together mix of home produced stuff, a Hands of a Child download which I had forgotten about and really he’d outgrown and free printables from HomeSchoolShare

20140730_14 20140730_18 20140730_19


We played about with thick pieces of card on oobleck, investigating the movement of tectonic plates and pushing the card together to see the plate boundaries.

20140616_4 20140616_6

Home made jigsaw of the tectonic plates.


We investigated how magma forces it’s way through cracks to the surface.



Making a playdough volcano.  Exploding vinegar and baking powder in the crater.  Sticking on more playdough to cover where the ‘lava’ ran to show how the volcano changes shape over time.

20140701_14 20140701_2 20140701_620140701_9

Volcano art – using pipettes to drop vinegar coloured with food colouring onto a tray of baking powder to make mini coloured explosions.

20140714_20Julius Caesar with his blood flowing out (he’s sideways if it helps).
Investigating new ways of making volcanoes.  A tray of baking powder mixed with a couple of sachets of koolaid (contains citric acid).


Spray with water.20140714_30I will never use vinegar and food colouring again.  This was so much easier and cleaner and nicer smelling.

Making the lapbook cover by dripping paint (lava) with pipettes.


We read

(pics are links to Amazon)







Can’t find the last one on Amazon but this is by the same author so may well be a reissue from the sound of it.


We watched

20140730_21We played



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