Wonderwoman mode (minus a few brain cells)

Today has been fantastically productive day.

I have –

    • Made vats of jelly for my Guides to play Mr Plod the Policeman.  With lots of cleaning up after I stupidly washed and reused the cups from last week’s water session, which were full of needle holes! Took me longer than it should to work out where all the spillage was coming from.


  • Drew and painted an owl for ‘pin the beak on the…’
  • Dealt with 100 queries from Guide parents.  Well okay exaggeration but my phone has been none stop today.
  • Printed off a gazillion forms for Guides.
  • Made a demonstration volcano for Sam to see how lava forces it’s way up via cracks.20140714_18
  • Did some volcano art – squeezing droppers of coloured vinegar on a tray of baking soda.  It is the assignation of Julius Caesar apparently.20140714_20 20140714_22
  • And then experimented with making volcanoes from koolaid, baking powder and water – definitely the way of the future.  They worked really well, no smell of vinegar (cherries instead) and pick a red one and no need for food colouring. 20140714_27 20140714_30 20140714_3920140714_40
  •  Then he had great fun mixing it all together and I had a big mess to clear up again 🙂
  • I booked his Art Award sessions for Sept.  More on that later in the week.
  • I booked tickets for Matisse exhibition at the Tate after a lot of chasing on home ed rates.
  • I booked tickets to go the Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story exhibition at the NHM.  No chasing on rates this time.  Simple phone call was all it took to get schools rate.  Even had all my details from the last time I booked an exhibition – 7 years ago!
  • I booked a trip up the Spinnaker for the home ed group.
  • After a lot of tooing and froing I also provisionally pencilled in a workshop at SEARCH.  Also on Britain’s prehistory.
  • Researched a few more trip options for the Prehistoric Britain project.
  • Tracked down links and ordered some free resources for farming/safety projects.
  • Got sucked into lapbooking with Sam for his volcano project.
  • Made arrangements to catch up with friends tomorrow.

In planning and clean up mode.  Jack finishes lunch time on Friday 🙂

20140714_43While I was sorting Guide paperwork Sam turned his bed into a boat.  The paper is an anchor.


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