Bursledon Brickworks

We took a trip up to the Brickworks yesterday with visiting Grandpa.  It has always been on our radar but never quite made it.

Was very pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it, very little in the way of hands on stuff but what there was actually added to the displays instead of distracted from them (not a fan of lots of computer generated interactive stuff in museums if you haven’t guessed by now).  They have a heritage day in Sept which I have heard good things about but actually one of the big things that contributed to our enjoyment was pretty much having it to ourselves.

Also was nice to have Jack along.  He went through a spell of being horrible to take on day trips; just completely didn’t want to be there and let you know about it.  But Mr Grumpy has been replaced by Mr Cynical and he is prepared to find his own amusement in things (yesterday’s was reading the signs in funny voices and dressing up) and makes me laugh.

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