Geography 14/15

While we have been having great fun with our Geography group, I want to cover more and different aspects so we will move back to studying Geography individually.

Planning two ongoing projects;

One is to get an idea of where places are in the world.  We will start Postcrossing again (although limit the cards we send – last time we got carried away and costs very quickly mounted up).  Postcards sent and received will be marked on a world map.  We’ve also signed up to the World Wide Culture Swap, although waiting to be allocated a group.  We’ve done a few mini-swaps and loved it.  Also plan to make regular use of these games to practice locating countries on the world and at continent level.

The other is to get a sense of the geography of Britain.  Sam has expressed a keenness to begin ‘flat travelling’ again.  The idea behind flat travelling is based on the Flat Stanley books, a ‘flat traveller’ (small card figure – we have had penguins and monsters in the past) is sent to a host who take it round their local area, take photos and then post back, usually with a journal and other little souvenirs (often just free leaflets etc).  In the past we’ve done international swaps, but when I was asking for groups to swap on on a forum I had an offer to swap from the UK and must admit I am quite taken with the idea of trying to visit as many UK counties and cities as possible.  Hoping they will be more likely to make it home too as postage is lower and less opportunity for parcels to go astray.  We will have a colouring map of the UK and colour in counties as we visit, keeping a folder of returned ‘journals’.

I bought this book,  potentially to use as our main programme of study but really to see what sort of things would be covered in school at his age.  As I suspected not a lot!  Book is about 6 years old so maybe things have changed but not banking on it being much better from experience of what Jack is being taught.

Anyway have come to the conclusion that I will never find a decent Geography curriculum for primary level so need to construct it myself.  Therefore the plan is for 3 half term long Geography projects a year, alternating with the History projects.  Well maybe not alternating as History is tied to exhibitions so has to be fitted in to tie in with them, but 3 of each in a year covering one at a time.

Planning to cover one project based on place.  This year we will do a maps theme working through an atlas workbook supplemented with practical activities.  In the future we will hopefully work on continent studies from Prime-ed.

Another on habitats/ecosystems/physical features – this year we will look at Rainforests.

The third project will be on human geography.  This year will hopefully be farming.  Probably in the summer term as a good one for days out :).

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