Geography 14/15

While we have been hav­ing great fun with our Geog­ra­phy group, I want to cover more and dif­fer­ent aspects so we will move back to study­ing Geog­ra­phy individually.

Plan­ning two ongo­ing projects;

One is to get an idea of where places are in the world.  We will start Post­cross­ing again (although limit the cards we send — last time we got car­ried away and costs very quickly mounted up).  Post­cards sent and received will be marked on a world map.  We’ve also signed up to the World Wide Cul­ture Swap, although wait­ing to be allo­cated a group.  We’ve done a few mini-swaps and loved it.  Also plan to make reg­u­lar use of these games to prac­tice locat­ing coun­tries on the world and at con­ti­nent level.

The other is to get a sense of the geog­ra­phy of Britain.  Sam has expressed a keen­ness to begin ‘flat trav­el­ling’ again.  The idea behind flat trav­el­ling is based on the Flat Stan­ley books, a ‘flat trav­eller’ (small card fig­ure — we have had pen­guins and mon­sters in the past) is sent to a host who take it round their local area, take pho­tos and then post back, usu­ally with a jour­nal and other lit­tle sou­venirs (often just free leaflets etc).  In the past we’ve done inter­na­tional swaps, but when I was ask­ing for groups to swap on on a forum I had an offer to swap from the UK and must admit I am quite taken with the idea of try­ing to visit as many UK coun­ties and cities as pos­si­ble.  Hop­ing they will be more likely to make it home too as postage is lower and less oppor­tu­nity for parcels to go astray.  We will have a colour­ing map of the UK and colour in coun­ties as we visit, keep­ing a folder of returned ‘journals’.

I bought this book,  poten­tially to use as our main pro­gramme of study but really to see what sort of things would be cov­ered in school at his age.  As I sus­pected not a lot!  Book is about 6 years old so maybe things have changed but not bank­ing on it being much bet­ter from expe­ri­ence of what Jack is being taught.

Any­way have come to the con­clu­sion that I will never find a decent Geog­ra­phy cur­ricu­lum for pri­mary level so need to con­struct it myself.  There­fore the plan is for 3 half term long Geog­ra­phy projects a year, alter­nat­ing with the His­tory projects.  Well maybe not alter­nat­ing as His­tory is tied to exhi­bi­tions so has to be fit­ted in to tie in with them, but 3 of each in a year cov­er­ing one at a time.

Plan­ning to cover one project based on place.  This year we will do a maps theme work­ing through an atlas work­book sup­ple­mented with prac­ti­cal activ­i­ties.  In the future we will hope­fully work on con­ti­nent stud­ies from Prime-ed.

Another on habitats/ecosystems/physical fea­tures — this year we will look at Rain­forests.

The third project will be on human geog­ra­phy.  This year will hope­fully be farm­ing.  Prob­a­bly in the sum­mer term as a good one for days out :).

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