Solva 2014

Won’t go down as a spectacular holiday as we were all ill at some point.  In the case of Jack more than once!  However no one died which is our barometer for judging holiday success (we have had some rotten ones) and there was lots of chilled out family time which is all we really ask for.

Since this is predominantly a home ed blog, from a learning perspective nature and in particular the method of reproduction of various species was the big interest of the holiday following encounters with jellyfish.  Buterflies proved especcially interesting  We worked our way through Andrew Marr’s History and Making of Modern Britain and far too much Dad’s Army (history 😉 ).  Sam got into the Harry Potter books (hurray for kindles) and has worked his way all the way until near the end of the HalfBlood Prince.

But it was really time to relax.  Lots of photos below.

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