The Promise of Things to Come

I love this time of year.

Summer always feels like a trial with the hayfever, the head to toe eczema, the wheezing, the insect bites (that we react badly to and end up covered in horrible boil like spots), the crowds, the surviving on 4 hrs sleep on a good night, the food debates as everyone lacks appetite and no one can cope with being in our kitchen for more than 5 mins spells as it turns into an oven in the afternoon sun, the heat – have I ever mentioned I HATE feeling hot.  Doesn’t help that the rest of the family suffer too so everyone is irritable and snappy.  May – Aug is not a happy time in the Large household.

September, however, is full of promise…

The cooler nights bring more restful sleep and everything feels better when you get enough sleep.  I become a lot less irritable and rediscover my social gene (it still isn’t massively active but it’s twitching ;))

There is a shift back to school routine.  I love having both boys at home and just relaxing and going with the flow but we are all ready for more routine and catching up with friends again.

There is a sense of fresh slates and newness – much more so than at the start of the calendar year.  Plans made over the last month or so start to be realised.  Shelves are full of new books and long forgotten ones salvaged from middle of shelves as I declare this will be their year 😉  New stationery has been purchased, no delaying the day by pen hunts for us this year (I have found a place to hide some from Jack as think he eats them!).

Have a new diary that is full of exciting trips and opportunities.

My kitchen is usable again and the fruits of the season are waiting to be turned into pies and cakes.  It is the season of soups, stews and fresh bread.

Welly shopping is needed, much prefer boots to sandals and love walking in the rain.

Being able to get out and about, air is breathable, midges are gone, there are puddles to jump in and the changing colours to watch.

Harvest festivals, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas lie just ahead – a crafting/baking frenzy.


And in celebration, colours of early Autumn across the Alver Valley yesterday.

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