Arty week

Making a big effort to reconnect with my crafty mojo at the moment and bring more hands on stuff into our education.

Weds was the first of our new art group sessions.  3 other families, 4 children plus little siblings as laid back as groups get.

We started off with a story

20140916_5Before moving on to look at and colour ‘The Snail’.


We ended with sketching outlines of animals and creating a ripped up paper collage version.

Michael’s Giraffe
Sam's T Rex
Sam’s T Rex
Amelia’s much tidier interpretation.

On Friday we began Art Award lessons.  Unfortunately there were not enough children to run the classes so it has been postponed while they try and recruit more children.  But it did mean that Sam and his friend Michael had the really rather lovely teacher to themselves.  She really just seems to have let them loose with a choice of materials and they really had fun.  Two children produced really different work out of the same session.  Here is Sam’s.

Colour mixing
Lino printing
Starting a sketch book
Colour wheel
Colour wheel

If anyone local is interested please ring the Ashcroft and sign up.

We have also had an autumny craft burst.  Primarily for work but lots of fun all the same.  Making our own paints from berries, grass and mud I think has to have been the messiest and most fun.  Particularly when you take them outside afterwards to mix up and get messy.

20140913_39 20140913_42 20140913_44

Love working with Autumn colours.

20140913_74Display so far.  Very tree focused at present but plans to diversify.




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