Cut Outs and Book Benches

First full day of term was a lovely one.

We headed up to London to catch the Matisse exhibition at the Tate and see some of the book benches before they go.


Only spent about 45 mins in the exhibition (these things are always too busy).  But we came out impressed, particularly with the larger, more detailed later works.   The scale of some of them was amazing – can only assume the commissioner/purchaser had a much bigger house than me 😉

Not allowed to take photos in there so here’s a postcard of Sam’s favourite ‘The Parakeet and The Mermaid’.


Magnet of second favourite ‘The Snail’.


Christmas cards of my favourite ‘Nuit de Noel’ or ‘Christmas Eve’.  Displayed brilliantly with lights behind the window to show the colours and next to its maquette (scale model – my new word for the day).


We’d spent some of the train journey reading about Matisse and introducing his works.


Before having a lovely and positive chat about home education with the retired teacher sitting opposite.  No idea where people encounter all this negativity I read about, rarely have had anything but plain curiosity or complete enthusiasm from strangers particularly ex teachers.  The only doubts expressed to me have been about the lack of monitoring but as I am actually quite in favour of registration and monitoring if done right (the big stumbling block) then that avenue quickly dries up.

Any way after the gallery and lunch we did the Riverside book bench trail from the National Literacy Trust.   Pity they are going as would like to do the rest of the trails.  The Paddington one (or Dr Seuss) would be very welcome additions to my back garden should anyone want to buy me a present.

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Was a lovely afternoon walking along the south bank of the Thames.  As much as I love the open air of the hills and coast, I do love London very much.  The contrasts, the vitality, just stumbling over history/culture all of the time.  These are just some of the things that caught our eye yesterday.

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We also managed walk around Borough Market in the shadow of Southwark Cathedral and a trip into a small gallery under the Oxo Tower where they had a display Mapping London – I could have spent a lot longer in there, wishing I’d bought the exhibition catalogue.

We still had time for a long play in Jubilee Gardens (one of our favourite parks) before heading home.

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    1. It was. We are lucky that London is easily accessible. Well actually it’s about 2 hrs but with relying on public transport even the simplest journeys often take an hour plus when you add in waiting/changes. I really wanted to do the Greenwich trail but couldn’t face London over the summer.

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