Discovering New Paths

Tuesday’s nature group for various reasons ended up being just me and Sam.  It was one of those times where afternoon could have gone badly.  Sam was disappointed and I was irritable (wasn’t feeling well and had had to get Pete to take afternoon off work to wait in for gas man so we could go).

But irritability only lasted a minute or so as the point of these trips are they are relaxed not something people book, there was no definite arrangement with anyone but friends I knew were sick.  It was the moments irritability of having not wanted to go myself but fresh air as ever proved the way to go.  Sam’s disappointment lasted a bit longer.  However that was soon forgotten in the excitement of unexplored paths.

We found the remains on a Norman castle and a very pleasant afternoon was spent in climbing, pretend games and playing with the camera.

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Home and there was potion making in the back garden with collected ingredients.


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