Heritage Days 2014

When the Heritage Days started booking up I gave Sam the local listings and let him pick a few to do.  Possibly choices were slightly odd for 8yo boy (local cemetery, and then an hour and a halves guided walk around a nearby area) but actually neither are completely new to us and built on prior knowledge. On both Sam was only child and did me proud at listening and being interested.

Definitely preferred the graveyard tour as the person giving it was heavily involved in the restoration and was a real local with lots of personal connections and stories to share.  The Stokes Bay tour was given by people who had researched it (well!) but without the personal touch lacked the pizazz.

Didn’t take any photos in the cemetery as didn’t feel right.  But we had a chance to nip in to Crescent Gardens first.


If you are local I highly recommend taking a walk around the Anglesey/Alverstoke area, really interesting history.  There were efforts to turn part of it to be known as Angleseyville (after Marquis of Anglesey).  There was the Crescent (exact same design as Bath’s but money ran out so only half got built), a hotel, bath house, race course on the beach and the church of St Marks.

Some reading for anyone interested.






We then walked up over Workhouse Lake, to Gosport Park for a play and conker collecting.

20140913_12 20140913_13 20140913_16 20140913_18 20140913_21 20140913_22Sunday’s walk was called Secrets of Stokes Bay West.  Quite a lot was fairly familiar as we’ve done fair amount of local history stuff but still enough to interest us.  The big thing that we took from it I think is a desire to go hunting for prehistoric arrowheads at low tide.  I suppose the parts that interested me most were the history of Bay House and Alverbank as this is what I knew least about.  Also surprised to learn about brickworks in Stanley Park.  Sam liked the stories of the tank training not surprisingly.







The bay
The bay
Battery No. 2
Battery No. 2
Bay House (now Jack's school)
Bay House (now Jack’s school)
Alverbank Hotel
Alverbank Hotel
Stanley Park
Stanley Park
Badger Sett
Badger Sett


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