Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s back to work we go

20140903_8Jack was back to school today although with a very late start (the school gives the first years a couple of hours induction).  So Sam and I were back to something…

Definitely not a full throttle go for it day more a gentle dipping toe back in.  Could have been a disastrous day with broken boiler and toilet, leaking pipe and a need to wait (and wait and wait…) on a parcel.  But we ignored all that and had a lovely day.

Maths was playing Dude Dice – still tweaking the rules trying to get them spot on.

English was writing a postcard to a new penpal.




We made a start on two new geography projects.  Reactivating our Postcrossing account and writing and sending a postcard.  Plus we made up a journal page and prepared and laminated our flat traveller before sending her on her way.

20140903_51Started history project by watching a History of Ancient Britain.

We baked so melt in the mouth chocolate biscuits.  We also observed what had happened to the gummy bears we’d soaked over night.  We also managed a trip to the park and shop for picnic supplies.



The big project of the day was marbling paper with food colouring and shaving foam.  Perhaps not the the best idea when the kitchen sink is out of action as very messy.


But great fun.  20140903_45Lots of photos taken so probably warrants it’s own post but that is tomorrow’s job.



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