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Anyone got any recommendations for nice national home ed forums? Supportive, don’t push a particular agenda/approach or more likely object to anyone mentioning any other, fairly busy, decent links?

Or a blog ring?  Somewhere to hang out that is relaxed and friendly?

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    1. I joined this one https://www.facebook.com/groups/Homeeducationuk/ which I think I have spotted you on.
      This one has always been my favourite http://alittlebitofstructure.webs.com/ but it has become quiet lately as Facebook forums have taken off. People probably don’t want to check a separate place.
      This one was put to me as a nice place https://www.facebook.com/groups/Freedomparents/ but I’ve been put off by the inclusion of the word ‘parenting’ in the description. Don’t like applying labels to parenting.

      1. Thank you for the links, Sarah.
        Yes, I belong to the HE UK group – that is where I found your blog! I spend a lot of my computer time on a US forum, as I tend to find the UK ones are skewed toward autonomous education. I follow a structured path with my own children, mostly inspired by Charlotte Mason, so it is always nice to hear about UK forums that have chat about structured HE.
        I also wish parenting was less tied up to HE, but I do see how the two are connected.
        Thank you again for your reply.

          1. ahem…I actually *left* that group, when I had a cull of groups because I was spending too much time online. *blushes* 🙂

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