Languages 14/15

Another one that you get asked how you teach a lot.  For us the answer is finding decent resources and/or a tutor/native speaker.


We have a weekly, term time Spanish class.  By coming together with a small group 3/4 children they get the experience of being taught together, plus the motivation and enjoyment of working together.  But the group is small enough that they get a lot of individual attention and it is shaped to fit them.  As parents we get to split the cost!

Deciding that we needed some extra practice I spent lots of time last year dabbling with various online games/courses some free, some paid to supplement.  In the end I think Duolingo is the best one for us.  So we will get in as much practice there as we can.


This is one we are just playing with really.  I think a bit of basic knowledge of Latin helps with the understanding of English.  Plus we spend a lot of time looking at Ancient times…

We have been working on Latin’s Not So Tough.  It is a bit (actually a lot) slow and plodding but that suits us.  We’ll carry on plodding through for another year I think before we give Minimus another shot.

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