Loud and Proud?

Wondering lately about why I keep a blog, what purpose it serves, is it just attention seeking really?

Home ed blogs seem to be getting shinier and more professional (almost mini businesses), rather than the simple warts and all unloading of the day.  Aware that I am slipping that way too a bit and not sure I want to.

I seem to have got a bit sidetracked lately.  Someone asked about subscribing so set that up but as an add on it tracks views etc.  As a bit of a statistics nerd this interests me and I realise I could get rather off course if I stray into writing for an audience.

I am not a professional writer and if I am honest I am not even particularly good at it.  I read old posts and sometimes cringe at the waffle and typos and basic grammatical errors.  But really when it comes down to it I write for myself.

This blog is a diary, a record of what we’ve done and our plans, it is a place where I can find records of good days when I need encouragement, refresh my memory of things we’ve covered/places we’ve been and see how far we’ve come.  If one day the LEA queried our provision they would get a link.  I’m in the lucky position of never feeling like we have to justify our decision to family, but they are interested in what we get up to.  The main person to follow what we do though I suspect is Pete, off in his own world of work it’s easy to lose touch.  He sees the end results of projects, hears tidbits of what we get up to in the day, but misses out on the process which is what matters and this is what I try to record.

The reason why I use a public blog rather than a private diary is partly ease and habit, when I started about 7 years ago blogger was set up to do everything I wanted.  I never bothered to make it private as to be frank I never really expected that anyone beyond family and some friends would be interested.  Another part is to play a part in the large home eders bloggers community out there, over the years we’ve built up connections with other home eders around the world by mutually following one another’s blogs and I’m still coming across new blogs to enjoy.  Please any bloggers reading send me a link to yours.

Sometimes I use as a place to braindump.  Home ed can be quite isolating as an adult and it is nice to dump thoughts, moans, frustrations somewhere.  It is like talking through an idea with yourself, by typing out opinions I feel like I am clarifying and analysing my own thoughts.  Also on forums I find the same questions come up frequently and often find it is easier to refer to a post than write a long reply that Facebook doesn’t really have space for.

Another thing the programme that enables subscribers does is post things automatically to Facebook.  Regretting setting that bit up.  Not sure when I started with the posting links from the blog to Facebook, I just seem to have drifted into it as my timeline was cluttered with others doing the same.  But realise that is rather tedious for non-home ed friends (and home ed friends) to be bombarded with step by step breakdown of our curriculum so apologies.  Also while I am obviously very positive about home education and our choices, I know it is not for everyone.  I don’t want to come across as one of those ‘school is bad’ home educators, because I don’t think it is just for us it seemed a better option.  Anyway decided to keep my Facebook timeline clearish of home ed stuff in future.  This will be last blog link.  Have set up separate page for this blog to automatically post on (easier than disabling feature unbelievably) and for me to share links on (mostly for my own future reference).  If anyone wishes to join you’ll find it here –   https://www.facebook.com/lifeloveandliteraturehomeed


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  1. I blog for very similar reasons to you. I do get pulled off track sometimes, but at the end of the day I write for myself. I do enjoy reading blogs like yours, not because they are shiny or professional but because they are real and relatable. 🙂

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