Marbling with Shaving Foam

Can’t remember where I saw this idea but as we love shaving foam crafts at the moment so we had to have a go.  End result wasn’t as bright as I’d hoped for.  May have another go as not short on shaving foam (Tesco – 26p a canister!) using paints instead of food colouring.

Tip – don’t use red food colouring.  That stuff is evil and sinks through the foam.


Start off with a tray of smoothish (as you can see from ours very ‘ish’ is fine).  We use cheap pet litter trays.  They are fantastic for lots of craft purposes such as limiting the spread of glitter (only a small amount but every little helps).


Drip on dots of food colouring.  We started with droppers (Rainbow Creations best place to get them that I have found) but ended up just dripping from the bottle.


Gently swirl the colouring around with a stick or fork.  Skewers would work well, we used the end of an old paintbrush.  Aim is to make patterns not mix the colours.


Carefully place a piece of paper flat on top and tap down, so the paper is completely covered by shaving foam.  You will see the colours soak through.

Lift up the paper.  Scrape off the shaving foam.  We used thick card (flap of a box) and leave to dry.


Results looked better wet but a definitely a technique to play with.  At the very least we love playing with shaving foam, wonderful texture.

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