More Matisse

The art group I run has carried on looking at Matisse and we’re still on cut out phase.

Moving away from the colours and the ripped paper of The Snail we moved on to something where the shapes themselves have more distinction, ‘Oceania, the Sky’.  We looked at the picture and talked about the shapes they could see and they drew some from memory.  Then we discussed the scale of the picture and how it was first made on the walls of Matisse’s apartment before being screen printed on to linen

We finished off with a large scale group project on my dining room wall. There are moons, suns, kites, butterflies, flying fish, planes, rockets, daleks exterminating sky divers and pterodactyl skulls, all the things you expect to spot in the sky.

20141180Today’s session was on the chapel windows at Vence.  At the front you have the sheets where they were supposed to be drawing them from memory.  This seems to have slipped Sam by and he designed his own ‘face’ version.

Then we made ‘maquettes‘ from cut outs.  When we went to the exhibition at the Tate the thing that impressed me most was the display of ‘Nuit de Noel’ next to its maquette.

20140924_113Once we’d made the cut out versions they transferred them to tracing paper.  I’d used the same card template to draw the window shape on paper for the collage, on tracing paper and on a gift bag.  Some traced through.  They then coloured the tracing paper design.  Having cut out the panel from the bags I taped the tracing paper to the inside (this was the tricky bit) and we popped an electric tealight inside.

20140924_110Here’s Sam’s lit up.  It is actually a ‘holiday’ inspired one.  The face is a pumpkin for Halloween.  ‘Body’ is actually an Easter egg.  ‘Ear-rings’ are snowflakes and the weird blue things are fireworks.20140924_114

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