It feels a bit like that is what we have been doing the last week – playing at school.  Not that things are going badly at all the opposite in fact, we’ve had lovely days out and ‘work’ is going quickly and efficiently.  It just feels a little new and forced, we are yet to establish that relaxed rhythm.

I had the bright idea of doing 10 mins exercise before we start work.  Lasted one day using the activity cards we had.  It all felt too much like a lesson, too fake and adult led.  Day 2 he cracked on with work while I washed up.  Sam seemed to enjoy it, it is me who baulks at coming across like a teacher as not the relationship we have and not the relationship I want us to have. Not giving up the idea just need to find a more natural way of doing it for us so it becomes habit.

Think we may have fixed that and motivated Sam to get dressed earlier – use the Kinect! That’s what comes of sitting on a blog post for several days.

We’ve been making use of some of the Maths resources that I made over the summer.  Good obviously but as someone who just ‘got’ maths and found visual explanations just muddied the waters, maths manipulatives always feel a bit false to me.  It works for Sam obviously otherwise wouldn’t do it, but demonstrating something in a way that is not my natural way of seeing the world always feels slightly odd.

20140910_4 Then there has been the various new/slightly changed groups that we have started this week.  All good, all will work, all just need a couple of weeks for everyone to settle into.  At the moment I’m organised and planned ahead and in teacher mode as time goes on I will get more disorganised and it will be more a case of muddling by.

Happy with our start to term though.  Sure in a few weeks summer break will be forgotten.  Seems to be for boy 1 who is finding the whole getting out early on to the bike a chore already 🙂

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