Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Workshop

In our local town we have a fantastic resource centre.  Upstairs they have model room sets where the children can wander through, touch items and dress up etc.  Downstairs are the science rooms, full of taxidermy and specimens of butterflies, bones, rocks, minerals and microscopes to explore them.  Due to the nature of the stuff in there unfortunately it is not a place to just wander around, the stuff is too fragile for too much/uncontrolled handling.

What they do is run a range of workshops.  From a home educators standpoint unfortunately they are quite restrictive.  Obviously they are written for schools so therefore are tied to the National Curriculum (of which I may have mentioned I am not a fan 😉 ) so only limited choice and on the same few subjects that we encounter elsewhere.  But they are done much better than most.  The lack of glass cases and the ability to touch definitely works well.

Anyway the change in the NC has led to new workshops.  We happened to be looking at Prehistoric Britain this term anyway to tie into a visit to the exhibition at the NHM so booked a group in to their new Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Workshop.

After a group introduction they picked items to write studies of.

20140918_3 Then in small groups they produced displays of a particular time period.

20140918_5 Writing display plates for them.20140918_6

We then looked around the other displays while some more activities were set up.20140918_9 20140918_11 20140918_13 20140918_14 20140918_20Jigsaw of the Uffington White Horse20140918_16Making copper rings.20140918_17Looking at which animals are native to Britain (opposed to coming over with Romans) 20140918_18Grinding wheat20140918_19Dressing up as Otzi the ice man.20140918_22Another really lovely workshop.


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