There is always more…

…that I would like to cover home ed wise than what can be neatly divided into the main school subjects.  There is way more to learn and discover about the world than we have time to touch on, particularly as I firmly believe in time to just be and play.  All a balancing act and who knows if we get it right.  Here are just some of the things I would like to fit into the fringes of our lives…


Big in the news at the moment with the idea of coding for 5 year olds.

Plan to work on basic Office skills – Word/Excel mainly but will probably have a play with Paint at some point.  I bought a couple of books so long ago I have no memory of doing it at all but thought it about time we used them.



Sure Sam will continue to play with Scratch in his free time but hope to get a little more organised about working on coding with him come the spring.  Have invested in these to read and digest beforehand.  Stepping out of my comfort zone, suspect this is an area where it will be a case of learning side by side, although the boy has a head start.20140826_13 20140826_14

 Physical Education

Sam has a tendency towards a sedentary lifestyle combined with a not great diet (fuss pot).   We are hopefully doing a project on farming in the spring term to look at food and where it comes from to stoke interest.  Plan food wise is to involve him in cooking a lot more.

PE have given up all hope in persuading him into organised sporting activities.  With no car we walk a lot hope to try and do more walking for fun rather than just from one place to another.

The plan is then to provide opportunities for exercise/running about that he will enjoy ideally with others.  I have made a start on arrangements for monthly laser quest sessions with other home eders and will hopefully go on to sort either geocaching or skatepark meets monthly too to hopefully coordinate to work fortnightly.

The big new habit that I want to get us into (for my sake as well if not more than his) is starting most days with 10 mins exercise.  We got sent this for free over the summer to use for ideas, but will do some catching practice, set up the swingball etc.



One I think that will have to go by the wayside this year.  We’ll read our book of bible stories on and off I am sure.  I also have noted some dates on the blog calendar to observe if we get time.  Have a nice book Festivals, Family and Food and a brilliant Guiding resource to draw on.


We have an election within the next academic year. I would love to do more on politics.  I have been collecting safety resources.  I keep being sent links to green/charity projects for Guides that I would love to do with Sam but suspect most would work better as group projects.  I have a sketched plan for a weekly group session covering themes in 6 week blocks and taking in trips…  But can’t see a good time in either ours or the local groups schedules.  Decided to put on the backburner until Christmas. I have ordered him a subscription to First News to encourage some awareness of current events although he often watches the news and will question when we are discussing things.


I think one of the biggest strengths of home education is that you are not constrained by the National Curriculum.  However, when you come to plan your curriculum it can feel overwhelming – there is just so much I want to cover and want to cover now.

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