Halloween Science


The final part of our half terms Science project led us to look at solutions and mixtures.  The experiments in the book were not inspiring though so we opted to detour from the path and have some fun with some Halloween inspired potions and science.

We made microwave puffy paint pumpkins

20141021_54  20141021_74

Glow in the dark putty.  We used glow in the dark paint and borax for the putty which I know others don’t like – I had some left over from about 5 years ago or I’d have tried the liquid starch version.  Here’s some recipes for borax free versions   I’m told Aldi laundry detergent is the best.

20141021_61 We finished with fake wounds.  Skin was petroleum jelly, cornflour and cocoa powder to colour, blood was washing up liquid (start with purple or clear) and food colouring.

20141021_63 20141021_64 20141021_65 20141021_66


The Happy Scientist has some free Halloween science videos available.

That brought our study of matter to a fun end.


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