Large Decoration with Masks

Art group this week continued with Matisse.  We finished our look at his cut outs with a look at Large Decoration with Masks.

We started off with a look at the natural shapes and talked about examples we had seen from these in recent weeks.  We then highlighted the symmetrical nature.

Using mirrors (I have mirrored tiles for  symmetry work – no frames) we produced pictures inspired by Matisse.

As you can see Amelia went down the natural route while Sam did the masks.  I love how from the same starting point it goes in such different directions.  Like Matisse we were focusing on symmetry of patterns rather than symmetry of colour.

20141003_16 Large Decoration with Masks was made on ceramics so we painted our tiles.  The brief was just symmetry, results were varied as ever 🙂

20141002_2Sam’s 2, a cyclops and not sure. 20141002_1

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