Matisse – Cold and Warm Colours

Our final two weeks of looking at Matisse took us away from cut outs and back in time to paintings.

First one we looked at was The Dance.  We did this individually as we’d not had time to get it done as a group after the Ten Pieces show.

Having worked our way through the ‘that’s disgusting’ reaction (Sam does not see beauty on the human form :D), we talked about the warmness of the figures being highlighted by the coldness of the background.

We looked briefly at the sister piece ‘Music’.  Then Sam chose another hobby and drew his own version with oil pastels.  This is ‘Reading’.  Note the strategically placed book :D.


The final session we managed was a look at ‘the Green Line’ or ‘Portrait of Madame Matisse’.

We painted colour wheels.  Starting with the primary colours, then the secondary and ending with the shades in between.

20141016_4Talked about what the different colours made us feel and where we would draw the line between warm and cold.  Then we looked back at Madame Matisse and discussed how the green line almost divided the page in two with one side warm and one cold.  Finally we decorated masks so that on one side were cold colours and the other warm.

20141016_3 Happy with the way art group is working.  Nice bunch of kids.  Giving us the motivation to include art in our week but in quite a relaxed way (dropped one session due to illness with no disruption).  I think I’ll not do the observation element with the group next half term but will find time in our week.  Think Sam will get more out of it that way and we’ll have more time for the practical element.

20141031_5 20141031_4Matisse was definitely a good place to start.  On to Monet now in contrast.  Monet plan

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