Touching Base

Life is busy.  Too busy really, fitting it all in just isn’t happening at the moment.

The week went by in a blur of Maths, English, Latin and Spanish.  All of which are going well.

20141003_8History just isn’t really happening beyond reading our novel which may well be enough but I hope for more.

Science, I am persevering with making time for so that is good.  Lots of discussion about why the experiments that we tried on Monday didn’t work!  How you can fail with something as basic as floating and sinking I don’t know.  Really has felt like that sort of week.



Sam has got into a book and making up elaborate games with playdough which have not helped productivity as I tend to leave him if he is actively engaged as believe in the value of play and just being.  However, does mean all these fun ways I wanted to cover history and music and PE isn’t happening.  He’s also had a couple of late starts, I tend to let him wake in his own time unless we have to be out, which haven’t helped.


We’ve spent a lovely afternoon at the Dockyard with friends.  Our Thursday trip was less fun than usual as we had a trip to the Cardio clinic.  A small valve in Sam’s heart didn’t close after birth like normal, doesn’t really cause any problem we just have to be aware of the risks of endocarditis as he will always have a slightly higher risk.  News was all good in terms of appointments getting further apart and staff were lovely.

Sam got given a copy of his ECG and they were trialling a new scanner and as Sam was lying very, very still I think they took advantage to test the machine more and we had a really, really good look at Sam’s heart with lots of commentary of what we were seeing (room full of drs and technicians).

20141004_5 Possibly had the most positive response ever to HE.  I have seldom had a negative possibly because I have an air of don’t engage, curiosity often and happy to answer questions and a lot of nice comments on how bright and well-mannered boys  which are nice but this nurse obviously ‘got’ home ed immediately.  Doing the ECG she asked about school, Sam said home educated, response was ‘lucky you, bet you get lots of days out, where’s your favourite place to visit?’.

We spent Thursday evening at the Gang Show open evening where both boys signed up this year.  So there goes our lives until April!  Sam seems to be ready to spread his wings a bit more which is good.  I moan about Gang Show but it really has been good for Jack so hope Sam settles in too (just wish they had the same rehearsal times).

Friday was spent with Minecrafting with friends after work had been done.  Not sure where afternoon went.  Might be those gaps I need to capitalise on to help with productivity!





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