I often cite flexibility as my favourite thing about home education.  Being able to retreat under a blanket on the sofa to watch documentaries when laden with germs, being able to go out at a moments notice to enjoy a rare sunny day, or studying by reading books on the train or bus on our way to a museum or afternoon with friends are my favourite things about home ed.

However, home ed also requires flexibility from our side too.  Best laid plans … and all that!  Been a week for having to change plans at short notice.  Luckily, we’re good at rolling with it by now.

Tuesday, our arrangements to meet friends at a museum were torpedoed by toothache (not ours fortunately).  We decided to save the Portsmouth Museum for another day and go to Fareham. All the local museums have WW1 exhibitions at the moment.

A look at the museum exhibition, a bit of spending of birthday money, a search of charity shops for rucksacks for the Rucksack Project and posh tea and cake, made a dud day into a lovely one.


He can’t look happy in any photo to do with the war.  It isn’t right apparently! 20141120_29


He actually wanted one of these balls as his main Christmas present.  I persuaded him to get one with his birthday money and rethink that (£1.50 from Wilkos 🙂 ).


Sugar tongs were a hit.  Cup of tea and Victoria sponge – ultimate treat 🙂20141120_3

Weds, I was caught on the hop when nipping to make lunch between Art and Spanish I found a text saying Spanish tutor couldn’t make it.  As all children were there we winged it.  Found out the last thing they had covered was clothes so got them to make paper dolls and label the clothes and colours in Spanish (we had dictionaries to help the adults not that the children needed them).  Then made Spanish Christmas cards for their lovely tutor.

20141120_44 20141120_42

Today went exactly to plan (so far) which is a bit of a relief ;).

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